Media Covers for Barack at Saddlesore Church

Sometimes its too easy to point out just how craven the media are in covering up all of Barry’s mistakes.

The appropriately named “The Fix” has some interesting observations:

Last night, Obama came across as thoughtful and introspective — his professorial background seemed to work in his favor.

Obama, on the other hand, offered a far more philosophical answer; “Whether you are looking at it from a theological or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity is above my pay grade.”

Both Obama and McCain offered convincing — and strikingly similar — explanations for why they wanted to be president, a surprisingly difficult question for some politicians to answer. Obama centered his answer on the “basic idea of empathy” — that any person born in the United States can be anything he or she wants to be.

Pravda on the Left Coast:

As expected, Obama was a great conversationalist, offering thoughtful answers to tough questions.

Obama’s nuanced responses, in which he processed multiple sides of complex issues, contrasted with McCain’s direct replies.

Obama’s deeper exploration of issues tells us how he would think about education or a global threat,

It is also different backgrounds and training – a law professor like Obama is taught to see the difficulties and complexities, whereas a military officer such as McCain is schooled to find the path through them.

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