That Didn’t Take Long

So the reason for the Russian invasion of a small southern neighbor?  Of course its……

My own view is that the U.S. has displayed a reckless disregard for Russian interests for some time.

much of what we are seeing unfold between Russia and Georgia involves a high quotient of American culpability.

The fact is that a combination of American recklessness,

the U.S. helped engineer events that are now undermining its own interests and the global perception of American power.

kind of pathetic that twits like this one think they are actually Americans.

But let’s take a look at these idiotic statements.  We are supposed to respect Russia’s views (like the fact that they aren’ happy about having independent democratic states on their borders).  We are undermining American power.  Big huh?  I though liberals didn’t want America to have ANY power.  That the reckless use of American power is the only thing that keeps everybody in the world from joining in a global chorus of Kumbaya.  But Americans have been reckless (whew – at least that one is on point for the “progressives”) by being culpable in actually supporting Georgia and its efforts to democratize and liberalize.

Remember a couple of winters ago when Russia “just happened” to have some gas pipleline problems and cut off the juice for the country?  Forcing people to start burning their furniture for heat?

And I’m sure it was just a coincidence that Russia “happened” to have 120,000 combat troops on the border with a country about 1% of its size.

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