Take One Home To Live With You Twit

The latest from the idiot coast:

Our hostages

Editors – I keep reading about the rescue of the hostages in Colombia. I wish there could also be a rescue mission for the hostages at Guantanamo Bay.


San Francisco

The answer is contained in the subject line – you idiot liberal twat.  You want one of these stone-cold murderers to live in your house?  Feel free to volunteer.  I’m sure the military would be glad to parachute a bunch of these idiots into the Bay for you.

And just so you know – they aren’t hostabes.  They are murdering thugs picked up on the battlefield fighting against America.  As opposed to those souls who were forcibly abducted just so some narco-leftists could hold them for ransom.

2 thoughts on “Take One Home To Live With You Twit

  1. what do you do with murderers? u try them. if found guilty, you hang them or put them behind bars according to the law of the land. all nice and cushty.

    Now why do you need to put them in indefinitely without putting them thru any sort of trial.. your very own justice system..(hopefully not forgetting the concept of a ‘fair trial’) not anyone elses.

    Even the jews could manage to try (in a sort-of-civilised way) some of the Nazi murderers. if anything, they had only a small and shaky new country called israel, unlike USA. they defnitely were not the worlds only superpower. there were not much of those drones, spy planes, CIA, FBI, TMNT (teenage mutant ninza..) telephone intercept and whatnot technology to help the prosecutors make their point. Still them lot did not need to hold people inside forever, wonder what was their magic.

  2. 1. These are not US citizens. They are people from other countries trying to kill US soldiers – in ways that make them completely uncovered by the Geneva Conventions.

    2. We could, I suppose, give absolute authority to try, convict and execute these thugs to the military leaders in the field – which would prevent them from “lingering” in their air-conditioned cells in Gitmo.

    3. Or we might just keep these idiots forever, just to make sure that everybody else who might want to kill US citizens and US soldiers knows that we can and will provide retribution of the long and lingering type. I’d prefer it to be in a wire cage exposed to the elements.

    4. Or we can listen to pants-wetting weenies who want to treat these killers as if they were just mis-understood little kiddies.

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