Eco-Idiot – 100 Months or DOOM!

Anybody want to raise their hands and actually admit that they believe the earth and all its population is doomed forever?  Here’s one:

The world’s climate experts say that that the world’s CO2 output must peak within the next decade and then drop, very fast, if we are to reach this sort of long term reduction. In short, we have about 100 months to turn the global energy system around. The action taken must be immediate and far reaching.

Which climate experts?  Oh yeah, the ones demanding tax money for funding the institutes to create studies on climate change which demand more tax money for more studies for more institutes.  And after all – its just pocket change:

According to Professor Stern, climate change is likely to result in droughts and floods that will create 200 million climate refugees and it could make two-fifths of the world’s species extinct. Yet to solve it, as challenging as it may seem, would only cost 1 or 2% of global GDP. Roughly what is spent worldwide on advertising. This is pocket change for the G8. Just these eight countries between them account for about 65% of global GDP.

So what is suggested?  Immediate moritorium on coal burning anywhere, an Apollo program to fund renewables, lots of money spent on reducing energy use and waste, and stop cutting down any tree anywhere.  Which translates to:

  • Immediate reduction in available energy world-wide
  • lots of money for lots of fancy institutes and tests and stuff with absolutely no idea whether this work would produce energy on any kind of basis which would keep society going.  The ultimate aim is really population reduction of course, but that’s not actually acknowledged.
  • lots of money for insulation (except for that non-green asbestos and stuff that actually works) and lots of nannying to keep everybody in the world guilty about using even one electron (up to and including public execution probably)
  • no more paper – which also means no more toliet paper too

In other words, pie in the sky answers pulling trillions of dollars for something that may not even give them the outcome they want – a 50% reduction in the world standard of living.  However, lots of climate scientists would get lots of big freaking grants!  In the belief they can actually do anything that would affect this:

6 thoughts on “Eco-Idiot – 100 Months or DOOM!

  1. So according to people with your point of view, we should do nothing? All the tons of waste pumped into the finite atmosphere will have no real effect?

    Your exaggerations are ridiculous, but that doesn’t seem to stop people like you – no one can cut down a tree? no more toilet paper? WHY DO YOU EVEN POST SUCH STUPID LIES??

    If people like you had your way, you’d leave future generations with a stinking, asphalt covered wasteland – if they survive at all. Conservatives are like spoiled children – when someone points out the consequences of continued irresponsible behavior, they call names and throw a fit.

  2. You know, meshmonster, there are more trees today than there were 30 years ago, water is cleaner, and air is cleaner. Not exactly the “paved paradise” you seem to be fearmongering.

    Furthermore, being pessimistic about global warming is vital. As we enact policies intended to curb global warming, such policies come at tremendous cost. Ethanol in gas? Well, people are literally dying from that policy (whose primary proponents were and are democrats) as food prices soar. Increased fuel standards? Sounds warm-and-fuzzy, but such restrictions will lead to more expensive cars that are less safe (because weight reduction is an easy way to improve mileage). So, its important to make very sure that global warming is real before enacting these policies that can profoundly hurt the least among us….and there certainly isn’t a scientific consensus telling us that this is so.

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  4. Yes, the “eco-idiot” is the person President Bush handpicked to run the international effort to analyze all of climate science every 5 years.

    Well, Mr “happy in Colorado,” You can rest assured that you deniers have “won” the battle and we won’t be acting in time to stave off catastrophe. Of course that means your children will probably live to see the state turned into a permanent dust bowl. Such is what happens when you ignore science.

    P.S. Do tell them you contributed to the disinformation campaign that destroyed this country you so admire.

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