There Just Isn’t a Draft – Dangit!

Can’t you just hear the frustation of the angry, dissatisfied leftie in this little missive:

The apparent indifference in the voters to the fact that we torture tells me that people are not paying attention to what our country does. And the support of the Iraq war suggests that most families remain untouched, since our soldiers are all volunteers.

But has anyone considered the possibility that if we continue on this path, the military draft will return?

Our country was aroused to protest the Vietnam War because all had to serve. Democracy can only survive if the voters inform themselves about the issues and the candidates.


San Francisco

I’ll make a little guess and say that with the name Marjorie this person is of the female persuasion.  Interesting how she can say that all had to serve when she was never, ever subject to the draft.  So right away it was possible for her to attend Bezerkley and smoke dope and put flowers in her hair and march against the war – she was never subject to service.  In fact all the smelly, dope-smoking idiots at college during that time, men and women, were exempt from the draft.  Again – what was that about all having to serve?

Lots of people were subject to the draft – men only – and lots of men and women also volunteered to serve their country knowing that a war was on and that they might be killed.  Just as lots of men and women stand up and volunteer today with the same prospect.

It wasn’t the fact that there was a draft that ultimately lost the war.  It was the fact that America lost its will and decided they could just abandon our allies and the sacrifice of our soldiers.  But right up to today you can talk to those who served and while they admit that they were not lead and used in a way that allowed America to win, the vast majority are proud of their service.

But you and your anti-war idiots did accomplish something with your cheering for the Communist dictators who were killing our own sons – you were able to get America to lose a war.  To sacrifice all that blood and treasure and then literally turn our backs on the South Vietnamese in their time of ultimate sacrifice and watch them be slaughtered.  While the Democrat Congress purposely voted to refuse them the money and arms that they wished to fight on their own.

And you want to do the same exact thing today.  And as long as I have breath I will do everything I can to make sure you do not.

1 thought on “There Just Isn’t a Draft – Dangit!

  1. Hello,

    Marjorie Afterman happens to be my mother. I can tell by your post we have differing views on politics but the great thing about our country is that’s OK, you can feel your way and I can feel mine. I did want to correct a silly assumption you made that just because my mother was a woman she did not serve her country and she was a drugged up hippie at Berkeley. First off, she is 81 years old – she is part of the Great Generation that made this country what it is (or, as some of us feel, what it was). Her brother and her husband served in WWII. She made sacrifices on the home front during the war – not sure how old you are but during the War, the last real war that meant something and which set up America as a respected world power (anyone remember the last time we were respected in the world?) , everyone helped their country and did their part to serve. She is fiercely patriotic (being more liberal myself we used to argue all the time, her defending the Reagan and Bush 1 era actions of our country due to what I felt was a blind patriotism coming out of the 40’s and 50’s). The national anthem chokes her up. It was on her generation’s watch that our country achieved it’s greatest power, prestige and respect. She has never taken a drug in her life. She did protest the Vietnam War because she felt it was wrong, as did my WWII veteran father, but they never criticized the troops on the ground, only the government they felt were letting them down by putting them there in the first place. They always felt that the great failing of the anti-war movement of the 60’s was a displaced animosity towards the soldiers themselves who were serving their country in the best way they knew how to. We have different views on what happened in Vietnam and what is happening right now with our country. I would respectfully argue that what makes this country great is that you are free to have your view and I am free to have mine, and though I disagree with your opinions I respect your right to have and voice them. I’m glad you have a forum for expressing your views, and I encourage you to keep doing so. I also think it’s great that my mother has the same. I would hope that when you disagree with someone else’s views you do so respectfully as well, but whether you do so or not is your prerogative. You say in your About Me that you are “living an extremely good life through…a country that has continued to provide me with opportunities to excel”. That’s great – it’s people like my mother and her generation that put in the effort and sacrifice to set up our country to do just that. You should keep that in mind.

    Alex Afterman

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