Denver Bums and Addicts – Stay Where You Are

Proving just how screwed up the whole of America has become – the city of Denver is making a strong outreach to the winos and drug addicts populating its streets to make sure they know they can stay there and continue to be a public nusiance during the Democrat National Convention:

Denver police Cmdr. Deborah Dilley has a message to the 3,900 homeless people who live in the city: You can stay where you are between Aug. 25 and 28.

Responding to rumors that Denver’s homeless would be bused to Pueblo or hauled out of the hip Lower Downtown area during the Democratic National Convention, city officials say they’ll bend over backward to treat them, well, democratically.

One man has loaned five flat-screen televisions for shelters so the homeless can watch the action live on cable television. An advocate is pushing for vouchers to movies, museums and the Denver Zoo so the population can enjoy the city’s cultural scene for free. There are plans for a voter-registration drive. One of the city’s ministries will run bingo games at night.

Where’s my flat-screen TV and voucher to go to the movies?  Oh yeah, that’s right. I live normally and work and pay my bills and have a home.  However, do drugs and alcohol and live on the streets and steal and harass people and break the law–well, that’s just fine with the lovely people of Denver and their policemen.  In fact, they want to reward you for breaking the law.

Now why not go all the way and send a bum home with every politician in Denver?  Have a bum sleep on your couch during the convention.  Well, that would be actually inconvenient – so instead they will just use tax money to try and buy them off.

3 thoughts on “Denver Bums and Addicts – Stay Where You Are

  1. If you think the homeless have it so good why don’t you join them. Oh, wait, sleeping outside in the cold snow isn’t exactly your cup of tea. I go to school in Colorado and was in Denver during the democratic convention. Frankly, it was way more annoying when all the tourists clogged up the streets trying to get pictures of celebrities then a couple of homeless asking me for my change. Your just a bitter, probably ugly, not to mention stupid person who takes out his anger on people that cant stand up for themselves.

  2. Dude, you want to watch the flatscreen TV? Go to the homeless shelter. I am sure that they will welcome you with open arms. In fact, with all of your greed you may as well be hopeless if not homeless. You are the man who scoffs at people who give change to the needy and then goes to the person who made the donation to give you a loan. You poor poor bastard. Maybe someone will give you a hand out and share some love with you.

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