Obama – Not An Earthling!

The People’s Cube blows the lid off this major story that the dead-stream media is not reporting:

In another distraction meant to keep American voters away from the real issues, Fox News channel announced today that the GOP is in possession of a birth certificate proving beyond doubt that Barack Obama’s real birthplace is, in fact, planet Lappa IV, located in the Alpha Quadrant and inhabited by a splinter group of the Ferengi species, who have developed a highly collectivist culture based on the principles of socialist acquisition and redistribution of wealth

Looking back, one can only wonder at the mainstream media’s unblinking acceptance of Obama as a 100% Earthling, despite even such obvious clues as his big earlobes, a supernatural fundraising ability, and his campaign logo that resembles the emblem of the Ferengi Alliance.

The Lappian Rules of Socialist Acquisition are similar to the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, but are more focused on sacred collectivist rules of behavior, which, combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Ferengi species, uniquely qualifies them to handle Democrat Party fundraisers.

Although the history of Lappian presence on Earth is unclear, it is known that Lappian children are required to memorize Rules of Socialist Acquisition as part of their general education to become consummate Democrat Party operatives, strategists, and consultants. It is said that the earliest Rule of Socialist Acquisition was penned by Karl Marx, who was also a Ferengi from Lappa IV.

The Rules of Socialist Acquisition
(a representative sample)

  1. To each according to his ability to work the system.
  2. Compassion without coercion is useless.
  3. The vast majority of the rich in this galaxy are undertaxed.
  4. All we want is what’s yours.
  5. Monopoly is evil unless the government runs it.
  6. Never be afraid to mislabel an opponent.
  7. Be clean, articulate, and non-threatening.
  8. When in doubt, throw a friend under the bus.
  9. A liberal without guilt is no liberal at all.
  10. When someone says, “I’m not a racist,” he’s lying.
  11. Entitlements and handouts will always overcome freedom and opportunity.
  12. Integrity is no substitute for campaign cash.
  13. Make sure your campaign cash doesn’t cost you more than it is really worth.
  14. Beware of relatives giving speeches.
  15. The most beautiful thing about the environment is that you can turn it into an election issue.
  16. Citing Global Warming yields more cash than pointing a gun.

Many more are listed at the People’s Cube who also have an interesting photo of the creator of the rules:

2 thoughts on “Obama – Not An Earthling!


    i have been saying B.O. looks like a Ferengi!! i’ve not the skill to make a photo manip!! you have made me VERY happy today!! TY!!!

    i cannot understand how people who seem to have more than 5 braincells can in any sane way vote for B.O.

    *sigh* well..i can only pray that Mccain & Palin get into the white house. otherwise? we are pretty much done as a country.

    and on that ever so happy thought…


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