2 thoughts on “GOP 2.0

  1. Not a platform, a pipe dream. And not a new one, either. Most of these are the same stillborn promises that get trotted out every election season. C’mon, let’s get real for a change.

    Watch. Congressional Republicans and Democrats alike will thrash and writhe, and even do deliberate harm to us before they permit death to earmarks and death to corruption, and that includes securing the borders. I never heard a member of the in-power elite say, “Please, sir, could I have much less?” And in-power doesn’t mean whichever party has a majority, either. The dominant party in Washington is the Money Party, whether its members wear red or blue. The two-colored sock puppets are just used to distract and entertain us, and fool us into thinking they care about what we care about, that we have a real say, and that it’s the other color that stands between us and the American dream. This is bullshit propaganda being used against us.

    If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.

    It’s time to reclaim our government. Not by proxy. Not by phony representatives, or well-meaning ones who are forced to spend every day they’re in office raising money just to get re-elected. They can’t help us; we have to help them. The government the founders intended is hobbled, and there are vested interests that would like to keep it that way. No politician can fix it on his own. WE are the only ones that can do it. Let’s kick the squatters and pretenders to the curb.

    It’s time to show these bastards in no uncertain terms that they work for us, not the other way around. THAT ethic is what made this nation unique and great. Let’s reacquaint ourselves with our roots and rediscover what real moral courage is all about.

  2. Like perpicio I’m doubtful on practical grounds, though perhaps a little less pessimistic. I think that a lot of these issues are ones that would require some level of bipartisan cooperation, which I can’t imagine our hyperpolarized congress achieving. Personally, I’d rather see the congress maintain a liberal majority and senator McCain in the White House….Mac would veto wasteful spending, and the gridlock would prevent the government from doing even more damage. Who knows, with his ability to work with democrats, maybe a President McCain could actually get something useful accomplished, but I recognize that I think most of his bipartisan activities were poor policy.

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