Liberals on Gas Taxes

Need to immediately add a buck a gallon and set a minimum gasoline price of $4.50 for the entire country – according to NY Times columnist Friedman:

NBC’s “Today” show handed “New York Times” columnist Thomas Friedman a platform, on Tuesday’s show, to rail against President Bush’s “incoherent mess” of an energy policy, and demand a $1/gallon gas tax, as well as a $4.50 price floor on gas.

That’s sympathy for the little guy, eh?  Screw these people who use gasoline!  Let them walk – or take the subway like I do (hahahahahahaha).  I’m sure this turd gets a car to work and back every day – paid for by his socialist employer.

One thought on “Liberals on Gas Taxes

  1. Charles Krauthammer actually lays out a moderately compelling argument for such a Gas price floor. Such a proposal would do the same thing as mandating higher fuel efficiency vehicles (because people would buy them anyway. His idea is that it would reduce demand and increase government revenue. Not sure I buy it.

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