Idiot Former Secretary of State

Madeline Albright gives reason number 2,330,941 why its a good thing that slimly little one-worlders need to be rooted from the State Department and sent to Somalia:

A third reality is that the concept of national sovereignty as an inviolable and overriding principle of global law is once again gaining ground. Many diplomats and foreign policy experts had hoped that the fall of the Berlin Wall would lead to the creation of an integrated world system free from spheres of influence, in which the wounds created by colonial and Cold War empires would heal.

In such a world, the international community would recognise a responsibility to override sovereignty in emergency situations – to prevent ethnic cleansing or genocide, arrest war criminals, restore democracy or provide disaster relief when national governments were either unable or unwilling to do so.

Hardly any translation needed there at all. The ultimate goal is to gather the thugs and idiots in the United Nations together and decide to “override soverignty” whenever they fell like it. I don’t share much with Muslim terrorists, genocidal African dictators, and communisit thugs like Castro. Let alone deciding that a bunch that includes human feces like Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinacrazy can get together and decide to ‘override soverignty’ anywhere. But the one place you know they want to do that is the United States.

The US wants to drive cars? The US wants to execute criminals? The US wants to actually have freedom of choice? – Hold on there bub! The United Nations will intervene to make sure that doesn’t happen.

And the brainless idiots in the US State Department think that this is a good thing! The best thing we could do is abolish the state department and send them all to Iraq and Afghanistan to experience life in their own little imagined paradises.

It is scary that this thought-challenged fart of a woman was in the line of succession for the US Presidency during the Clinton years, eh? And isn’t it interesting that she publishes this in Australia – not in the United States. The libs are gutless too.

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