Bread Heads

Really – this is bread:

Kittiwat Unarrom got a master’s degree in fine arts and now makes lifelike body parts out of bread at a bakery in Thailand. All the disturbing yeast sculptures are made out of dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate. He’ll also paint the outside with some sort of edible paint to give it an even more gruesome appearance. When asked why he does it, Kittiwat replied, “I’m a wackjob and I like making people sick”.*

2 thoughts on “Bread Heads

  1. VEry impressive people heads made out of bread but raisins are grosss!!!!!!!! Ciao from Thailand. Matt says I am a fast typer and he is obbssesssed with your work. He wants to eat his own head.
    Cheerio from America, Laura

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