GM – No Jobs Means Eco-Friendly

As reported in at the People’s Cube:

GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner said before the automakers’ annual meeting in Delaware that his conscience is finally clear of concerns about Global Warming and saving the polar bears. “Jobs should no longer be viewed as the source of income, economic stability, and overall satisfaction, because the government is supposed to take care of all that,” he said. “Do we dream of bringing back industry? Or do we recognize that technology is an abomination against nature; that free enterprise is exploitation; that private property ownership is impossible; and Western Culture is the root of all evil?”

Wagoner said he was glad to help the American automakers to lead the rest of the world by example in adopting environmentally friendly lifestyles. “Some people may call you unemployed, but they will be wrong. You are not unemployed – you are the ecologically aware non-income-earning earth-friendly members of society.”

“Finally you and your families will be able to live on the same diet as the caribou in ANWR, who are known for their lean and healthy looks,” Wagoner said.

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