Environmentalists as Idiots

Wash, Rinse, Repeat:

The U.S. government just put polar bears on the threatened species list because climate change is shrinking the Arctic ice where they live. Never mind that polar bears are in fact thriving — their numbers have quadrupled in the last 50 years. Never mind that full implementation of the Kyoto protocols on greenhouse gases would save exactly one polar bear, according to Danish social scientist Bjorn Lomborg, author of the book “Cool It!” Yet 300 to 500 polar bears could be saved every year, Lomborg says, if there were a ban on hunting them. What’s cheaper — trillions to trim carbon emissions, or a push for a ban on polar bear hunting?

The country is being forced to subscribe to a modern version of transubstantiation, whereby corn is miraculously transformed into sinless energy even as it does worse damage than oil.

Plastic grocery bags are being banned, even though they require less energy to make and recycle than paper ones.

But the polar bears make for such cute, cuddly pictures.  I am married to someone who has seen the aftereffects of these little cuties tearing off people’s arms and legs however, so I’m not quite so sure its a good thing to have them on the endangered list.

9 thoughts on “Environmentalists as Idiots

  1. Alaska has already filed suit against the U.S. DEPT OF THE INTERIOR over this listing becuase they know its based on junk science its just a attempt by radical green activists to stop oil drilling in the ANWR and many alaskans despise these enviromentalists they oppose this whole idea and that global warming is a lie its being used by certian persons to ruin this nation and its time to tell ROBERT KENNEDY JR and LEONARDO DECAPRIO to GO JUMP IN ALAKE

  2. We used to have one of those eco-freak groups in our town they were always filing those stupid lawsuits to stop logging and the fact their leader lived in a LOG HOUSE and had another one with a wood burning water heater and that some of his fellow eco-idiots used cardboard and wood in their idiotic protests proving THEY WERE BIG TIME HYPOTCRITS and their HQ was made of wood and they had a goofy fish shaped sign and this jerk was always trying to gain sympathy in our community SCREW THE GREENS SCREW GREENPEACE,SCREW THE SIERRA CLUB SQUAWK SQUAWK LOOK OUT GREENS THE MAD BLUEBIRD IS ENRAGED

  3. It was the so called threat of GLOBAL WARMING that cuased them to make that stupid KEVIN KOSNER movie WATERWORLD which we got to see him swimming like a complete dork and hollyweird is still doing stupid stunts over theis global warming like those stupid LIVE EARTH CONSERTS which bombed big time

  4. AL GORE is lying when his junk science eco-trip A INCONVENT TRUTH showed a polarbear struggling in the water when their god swimmers they should feed AL GORE to the POLARBEARS,KILLER WHALES and MAN EATING SKUAS

  5. Robert Kennedy Jr one of those rich spoiled kennedy brats why dont he go soak his head in cement and quit telling us to go green SCREW THE GREENS

  6. Once saw pictures of enviromental hypotcrits they were sitting up in the trees like that rediculous JULIA(BITTERFLY)HILL did and they were using 2 x 4s and plywood in their platforms and one was plunking a WOODEN GIIUTAR I mean hypotcrits all the way

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