Personal Check for $272,000?

So would YOU take a personal check for over a quarter of a million bucks from this woman?

Police say a 31-year-old woman wrote a bad check for $272,000 to buy a home near Hi-Mark Golf Course.

Tonda Fosdick, who listed her address as Englewood, Colo., was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of writing an insufficient funds check, a felony because it was more than $1,500.

Officer Katie Flood said police began investigating Fosdick on allegations of fraud, after she had married a mildly mentally handicapped 23-year-old in April and allegedly applied for a number of credit cards in his name.

Flood alleged Fosdick made $26,000 in purchases on the credit cards.

What a wonderful example of Colorado Womanhood.  We can only hope that Nebraska keeps her under lock and key for a while.  Interesting that writing the check is a felony, but marriage fraud and taking advantage of someone who is mentally handicapped doesn’t seem to be a crime.  It certainly seems like it should be.

1 thought on “Personal Check for $272,000?

  1. She got out and ran to kansas. she is back in jail in lawerence kansas for the 2 or 3 time . She met some dude on line and ran up there with her daughter who is 7 . Who dont deserve this and her family is very concerned for her saftey what tonda has done should not be taken out on the child the family is searching for the little girl and would like to bring her home where she can be safe taken care of and loved. please help us find her and keep Tonda in jail

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