Educrats Screwing Up Schools – Item 23,448

Oh the wonderful education to soon take place in the Democratic Communist People’s Republic of San Francisco:

San Francisco Superintendent Carlos Garcia took a first stab at putting his mark on city schools Tuesday with a plan that pushes the district to face racism and classism head on.

The district’s strategic plan adopted by the school board 6-0 Tuesday night focuses on reversing the typical academic outcomes for black, Hispanic and poor students.

Yes – it is so much more important to face racism and classism (are you kidding me? I haven’t heard this word much before) than do that ugly stuff like actually teaching kids to read and write and cipher. *aside* Does anybody actually know their guzintas any more? Jethro Bodine on the Beverly Hillbillies knew his guzintas. Four guzinta eight two times!

So racism and classism will now be the one true focus for the young commies in training. And just what does this mean? Well, here’s a few things mentioned in the article:

Each school will be judged by how well it “serves each and every student based on that school’s ability to disrupt the historically predictive power of racial, ethnic, linguistic and socio-economic student attributes,” according to the plan.

Successful programs would be identified and worked into other schools.

A scorecard will measure school and the district performance across a wide range of indicators including:

— “Percentage of schools that are fully integrated racially, ethnically and socio-economically.”

— “Percentage of SFUSD teachers with a district supplied laptop that is functional and has current software.”

— “Number and percentage of students who drop out of school between grades 6-12.”

— “Number and percentage of students who vote in their local student government elections.”

So somehow the number of teachers with working laptops with the latest and greatest in software will indicate whether racism is defeated in the schools? I hardly think so, and neither does anyone who wasn’t taught by the idiots in the DCSPR school system apparently. It is a nice little piece of bling for the teachers – but I would certainly be interested in knowing how their possesion of a laptop with lots of cool software will make black kids and white kids (any of these left in SF schools?) and hispanic kids not hate each other in subtle and obvious ways.

So at least part of this “initiative” is to get nice toys for the union boys and girls. And can you imagine any more secure and pension-increasing position than to be on the never-ending committee that is to be tasked with defining how schools are to meet criteria that will make them “fully integrated racially, ethnically and socio-economically”? There will need to be subcommittees for race, ethnicity and socio-economic standards with sub-subcommittees based on all the different skin colors that must be accommodated. There will need to be visits to many many different locations in the United States and around the world to see how other cultures interact and define themselves ethnically and racially.  More toys for the boys and girls in a never-ending search for nirvanna. Won’t it be a wonderful day when you can specify just how many left-handed, lesbian, Hispanics of Central American descent are required to define your school as fully integrated? That it will never actually be able to be defined doesn’t mean that spending hundred of thousands of tax dollars in a search for it shouldn’t be undertaken.

Voting in school elections is certainly a great way to prevent racism and classism (?). Interesting that mandating a percentage of left-handed lesbians of Hispanic Central American descent actually be candidates isn’t part of the program yet. But I’m sure that will come after the bureaucrats are done defining just what that percentage means for full integration. And making sure the little turd-producers vote in student elections means that they will get experience in understanding just how futile voting is to changing anything. The popular kids get the positions and the nerds just get laughed at – this is the lesson to be learned from voting in student government elections.  And knowing this will also prevent them from voting in real elections that keep edu-crats in power is a nice side-effect.

And finally, there’s a number that might actually define just how large a potential garbage collector population might exist in the future – dropout rates. What this has to do with preventing racism might say more about the prejudice in those setting up these measurements. However, civilization will always need garbage collectors so making sure that there is a big enough potential pool of applicants by ensuring that the correct percentage of dropouts are present is important for the ongoing maintenance of San Francisco.

I mean honestly – does anybody in their right mind believe that any of these measurements will reduce racism or classism? The rich kids know they are rich and the poor ones will know who has the most toys and money. The color of their skin will separate kids – it did in the past and it will in the future. Its rather hard how to keep these things from happening without blinding every child so they can’t see skin color. And then taking all money from every parent in the Republic and making sure each and very person has exactly the same amount. Funny – but you wouldn’t put the latter past them. And who knows about blinding every child – maybe that’s what they want instead of No Child Left Behind.

The taxpayers money in San Francisco will continue to be wasted effectively according to this plan. Too bad about the poor students who will end up with a diploma they can’t read. But they will be indoctrinated about how their skin color makes them a victim!

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