Line Up For Your Contraceptive Shots Kiddies

Its not that much of a stretch for a correct-thinking liberal to make – immunizations? contraceptives? No problem:

Editor – Teenagers who have kids usually short-circuit their own futures and have proven incapable of good parenting. We don’t allow those too young to drive or drink. Why should we shoulder the burden of paying for their kids?

There is an antidote. The state makes mandatory immunizations for children to safeguard them from disease. A governmental mandate prescribing a monthly injection in school of Depo-Provera, a safe and effective contraceptive, would enhance the future of many young girls, keep teenagers incapable of effective parenting from having to do so, and relieve taxpayers from the expense of supporting their children.



I though the whole idea of liberalism is to have the taxpayers support every single person everywhere for everything. Government health care, government child care, government mortgages, government education, government jobs, government retirement, government graves. So what’s the big deal about some teenager getting knocked up and making the taxpayers foot the bill? Isn’t that just a new government health care worker being created? After all, who’s going to pay the taxes to support the next generation of knocked up teenagers?

I’m not sure what I find more ridiculous. That a Bezerkly-ite doesn’t want to pay taxes for some bastard child? Or that they don’t see the hypocritical attitude of forcing others to conform to their own ideas of morality are just what they accuse the Right-Wing Jesus Freaks of doing?

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