Bang that Sippy Cup

The Anti-Idiotarian Rotweiller has a wonderful article about the latest Obamessiah’s pronouncement that his poor, suffering, first-time-proud-of-America-in-her-adult-life wife was off limits to Republicans.  (Beware the emperor has very very strong language):

Here is the latest issue that must not, EVER be talked about, presumably because it “distracts from the real issues”, whatever in the name of Socrates’ left nut those might be.

So now we’re not allowed to talk about his wife’s statements when she’s on the campaign stump, stumping for him?\

The rest is hilarious, but what I found just outstanding was the first comment posted:

I can hear that sippy cup banging all the way down here.

So we can’t talk about his wife, his pastor, his “Typical White” grandmother, his wanting to sit down for a bender with Amadinnerjacket……..what the hell else is this piker gonna want to stamp his feet and hold his breath about?

Someone needs to change his diaper and put his ass back in his crib. Definitely NOT ready for Prime Time.

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