What Would Make The Obamamessiah Lose His Supporters

House of Erasthones has a good starting list including:

7. Obama asserts Israel’s right to exist.

3. Obama answers a question directly and substantively instead of launching into a diatribe about how badly George Bush has handled something.

2. Obama calls on Jimmy Carter to be quiet, and for once earn this “dignified elder statesman” label people keep putting on him.

1. He says some nice things about America.

I might add a few:

  • Obama calls on America to explore its coasts and wildnernesses for oil and gas in order to reduce dependence on foreign sources
  • Obama actually realizes that raising the capital gains tax would REDUCE revenues (along with hurting the economy)
  • Obama announces he would hold our enemies like Achmadinacrazy and Hugo “Fidel” Chavez to the same ethical standards as he does of Republicans
  • Obama announces that increasing America to 57 states would be a good thing 🙂

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