The Reverend Al

Late Breaking News:

New York, NY – The Reverand Al Crapton, who happens to be a certified negro, lead a parade of fellow negros to protest the recent jury aquittal of negro police officers involved in shooting a fellow negro.

The police officers were almost run over by a car in which Sean Belle, also a negro, was riding with other negros outside a predominately negro strip club. Feeling threatened, police opened fire killing Belle.

Belle, in addition to being a negro, also was a criminal with a past record of doing pretty much crime related acts. He was killed in a hail of bullets fired by a number of officers, some of which were negros. Police could not verify if the bullets were negro bullets or white bullets, but promised to do a recount to make sure the proper percentage were in the firearms.

Rev Crapton, who doesn’t have a church or even goes to church, lead the protest parade. At a pre-arranged spot Rev Al Crapton gave a short speech in which he claimed ‘We are all Sean Belle!”

Police issued a ‘clear the streets order’ which Al Crapton ignored, and in keeping with the promise of ‘we’re all Sean Belle’ the police shot him fifty times too.

ROTFL! This is satire people.

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