Only Stupid Voters Want a Tax Cut

From Newsbusters:

On Friday’s Countdown show, MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter, also of Newsweek, suggested that voters who support Hillary Clinton’s call for a temporary suspension of the federal gasoline tax are “stupid” as he contended that the Clinton campaign team are “assuming that people are too stupid to realize that this is a bad idea that won’t save them any money at the pump.”

I defy you to find one Democrat who will point to any tax and say “this is excessive, we don’t need this money for government.  It should stay with the people who actually earn the money”.

Even Hillary’s “acceptance” of this tax holiday is not really one.  She just is so stupid as to think that she can force the oil companies to pay the tax and not pass the expense on to the consumers.  This ignorance of the laws of supply and demand sure makes her sobriquet of “Smartest Woman In the World” seem rather inappropriate.

2 thoughts on “Only Stupid Voters Want a Tax Cut

  1. It’s funny how all the conservatives use the tired all cliche’ “law of supply and demand” as if that the only premise that business works on. How about “what the market will be bear”? Translation “stick it to them as much as you can”!! This is more the law of big business and then they manipulate the supply to help effect their raping of the regular people. Ask Enron and now the oil companies (record profits, how does that relate to cost of oil, which speculators are artificially inflating). Lets just let them run away with whatever they want… free enterprise!! Bull*(*&&

  2. As a stockholder in Exxon I’m very glad they are making record profits. Practically anyone in America who has a 401K or a general mutual fund is also glad about it since they get the benefits of that profit. As a consumer paying so much for gas – well, isn’t that exactly what the liberals want? Paying more for gas is “green”.

    But the whole canard that somehow the gasoline supply is being or has been manipulated has been disproved by 7 or 8 congressional investigations. And why isn’t there outrage that you spend more for a gallon of bottled water, a gallon of hand cream, a gallon of soda than you pay for a gallon of gas? Where is the outrage at the “stick it to them soda poppers?”.

    And still no comment about the fact that there is not one single tax that any liberal will point to and say “this isn’t needed”. That’s the issue this post is making. And the fact that Mrs. Clinton is lying through her teeth when she says she will make the oil companies eat the cost. Either that or she really believes that simply by saying so she can repeal the law of supply and demand.

    Sorry little Miss Marxist – supply and demand is how the world works no matter how much you don’t want it to.

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