What is More Important

The House of Erosthenes got me to thinking about what people would consider to be more important in choosing a President. If you were given this list of issues, what three would you consider to be the most important?

  • The color of the candidate’s skin
  • The shape of the candidate’s genitals
  • The way in which a candidate wants to have sex
  • The willingness of the candidate to protect court-mandated abortion
  • The candidate’s understanding of what a captial gains tax is and the consequences of raising or lowering it
  • The candidate’s hatred of their opposing party
  • The candidate’s proposals to “take” legitimately earned company profits
  • The candidate’s inability to understand how oil is priced in a global market
  • The candidate’s understanding of and protection of black racists
  • The candidate’s understanding of 9/11 as defined by the Golden Rule
  • The candidate’s inability to understand the affect of taxes on the final price paid for products
  • The candidate’s proposals for increasing taxes in a down business cycle
  • The candidate’s proposals to “talk” to those who want to kill us
  • The candidate’s proposals for losing the war on terror
  • The candidate’s proposals to repeal the laws of physics in generating “green” energy

And those are the choices for you if you are really a Democrat. Inquiring minds want to know.

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