So Why Are We Defending South Korea?

Stars and Stripes reports the following interesting information:

When the Korea Military Academy asked its incoming cadets in 2004 to name South Korea’s main enemy, they were shocked at the answer: 34 percent said the United States while only 33 percent said North Korea.

The academy’s then-superintendent, retired Lt. Gen. Kim Choong-bae, was so concerned about the survey results he cut the cadets’ boot camp from six weeks to four.

During the two extra weeks, cadets attended classes on South Korean history to learn how the country got its independence, what happened during the Korean War, and the role the United States played in the war.

Teachers told them about the U.S. Military Academy at West Point class of 1950, whose cadets graduated less than a month before the start of the Korean War. Nearly 50 of those cadets were killed.

“The [KMA] cadets were shocked. They said, ‘We didn’t know that,’” Kim said.

The cadets told academy officials they had leftist teachers in middle and high school who told them the United States was trying to dominate South Korea.

They are shocked at the fact that the United States fought to free their own country? This isn’t some ancient history – this is something that happened in the lifetime of their parents/grandparents.

1. Perhaps its time to bring home the bodies of all the brave Americans who died defending this country.

2. And its definitely time to tell South Korea that if they want to deal with the filth that is Kim Jong Crazy – they can have at it. Just not with any Americans on the firing line.

And doesn’t this really show how important the battles over education really are? The whole generation was brainwashed into believing that their major enemy was the United States. For those of you with crumb-crunchers in the public schools this ought to be a major wake-up example. Your children are being taught that YOU are the enemy.

One thought on “So Why Are We Defending South Korea?

  1. Isnt it possible the cadets were just not paying attention in history class? I went to a liberal college and graduated with a degree in History. I never heard a teacher say that S. Korea’s enemy was the U.S.

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