New Mexico – IED and Iraqi Dinars Found

In a stolen car that was actually found by its owner:

The car was reported stolen last week. After the theft, the car’s owner was fueling his motorcycle when he spotted his stolen car.

“While he was refueling his motorcycle, low and behold, the vehicle that he had reported stolen that belongs to him happened to pull into the gas station area also,” said Los Lunas Police Captain Charles Nuanes.

The car’s owner pulled the keys out of the ignition of his stolen car and the people in the car fled.

When police arrived, they found the explosive device and less than $1,000 worth of Iraqi cash.

So we have:

  • Explosive device
  • Iraqi Dinars (what good they would do in America – well, maybe they are worth more than the dollar now)
  • Thieves
  • Apparently really stupid thieves

And the conclusion by the FBI?  Who might be interested in explosive devices found on American soil:

The FBI is now involved in the theft of a car after it was found in Los Lunas with an explosive device and Iraqi currency inside

FBI agents say that they have ruled out terrorism.

“We don’t know what their intentions were,” said Nuanes. “We don’t know what they were planning on doing with any of this.”

They don’t know the intentions, but there is no terrorism?  Either the FBI is really trying to feed us a great big pile of feces or they think we are too stupid to actually understand this.  Either way it sure doesn’t raise my confidence in the FBI and their ability to protect us.

One thought on “New Mexico – IED and Iraqi Dinars Found

  1. The original Iran War Plan, drafted by Stratcom in 2005, on orders from Dick Cheney, called for a nuclear attack on Iran following a “9-11 type” terrorist attack on the United States regardless of who carries out the terrorist attack.

    In February 2007, Stephen Hadley, the National Security Advisor, hels a nationwide drill to prepare for multiple IED attacks across the United States.

    Since March of this year, the Bush Administration has been bringing into the United States thousands of Sunni refugees who were displaced by “the surge.”

    The above story is dated April 18th of this year. On September 5th, an unidentified man was taken into cusody in Washington DC after asking for directions to the Capitol building. In his car, was an IED.

    Realize this, my conservative countrymen: The Bush Administration is not loyal to our country. They will kill innocent Americans or help or allow terroists to kill innocent Americans so that they can pretend to be your protectors. The protection, of course, costs money. LOTS of money.

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