Don’t Tell – Preventing Wiki Updates

Unfortunately you run into this kind of stuff in all the online “social” sites.  The leftists who have absolutely nothing better to do (which is why they set the tone on most of these sites) do everything they can to shut out ideas that they don’t want anyone to know.  And the perfect example is the “reconquista” ad from Absolut Vodka:

Americans Weren\'t Supposed to See This Ad

Newsbusters Matthew Sheffield notes:

it seems left-wingers at the online encyclopedia site are angry that anyone would want to mention Absolut’s reconquista controversy in the vodka maker’s article.

Apparently liberals there do not want the public to know that the company got in big trouble win consumers after it ran an ad in Mexico portraying that country as having taken over certain parts of the United States.

“Could someone protect this page to new users? Apparently some non-notable bloggers have taken offense to their recent ad campaign and have repeatedly vandalized this page.”

Those “non-notable bloggers,” include Michelle Malkin, NewsBusters, Glenn Reynolds, and Jim Hoft, and about 3,000 other blogs, but nevermind.

Just think about that for a second.  This little dustup even made it into the dead stream media.  The fact that it became an issue is certainly a fact.  Why would someone want to make sure that it wasn’t noted in a site that is supposed to report facts?  Because its a fact that doesn’t make the company look very good?  That it makes Mexico look like a bunch of bedwetters for thinking that they can get back all the land that they keep trying to come to illegally so they can actually work for a living?  Because it actually brings out the reconquista idea which has a big following but that they don’t want the gringos to know about until its a fact?

Mr. Sheffield sums it up nicely:

All that aside, though, Absolut’s controversy is eminently relevant to the vodka distributor’s entry. From a marketing angle alone, this story is a fascinating example of the power of the blogosphere, viral emails, and bad multinational decision-making.

This story has a happy ending, though. Thanks to some sane people who made a difference, the Absolut Vodka entry now has language describing the controversy, a perfect example of how there’s no need to cede dominance of the critically important resource of Wikipedia to the left.

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