Missing in Action

In this teeny, tiny little article about how their hometown Congressman is a crook and a liar:

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., says Congressman Jim McDermott owes an Ohio congressman $1 million for leaking an illegally taped phone call to the media.

Today’s decision may end the dispute that began in 1996 when John Boehner (BAY’-ner) was taped talking about an ethics case involving Newt Gingrich. The tape reached McDermott who gave it two newspapers. He says it’s a free speech issue.

Boehner sued and the case has been in the courts for a decade. A federal court ruled McDermott had no right to release the call.

It would be the McDermott (D-Wash).  There’s lots of other stuff about how two retirees just happened to be driving along an interstate in Florida and they just happened to be right behind an Ohio Congressman and they just on the merest coincidence had in their car a radio scanner that could tune in to cell phone calls and they also coincidentally had a recorder with which to illegally record those calls and they then as good little citizens gave this illegal material to Saddam Hussein’s favorite Congressman Mr. McDermott who then somehow gave them to newspapers in an effort to discredit Speaker Gingrich.

Lots of coincidental stuff in that little story.

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