Global Warming Cannibalism

From the itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny spark that is the thought process inside the gigantic ego-filled head of Ted Turner comes our future as he imagines it:


TED TURNER: Not doing it will be catastrophic. We’ll be eight degrees hottest in ten, not ten but 30 or 40 years and basically none of the crops will grow. Most of the people will have died and the rest of us will be cannibals. Civilization will have broken down. The few people left will be living in a failed state — like Somalia or Sudan — and living conditions will be intolerable. The droughts will be so bad there’ll be no more corn grown. Not doing it is suicide. Just like dropping bombs on each other, nuclear weapons is suicide. We’ve got to stop doing the suicidal two things, which are hanging on to our nuclear weapons and after that we’ve got to stabilize the population. When I was born-

CHARLIE ROSE: So what’s wrong with the population?

TURNER: We’re too many people. That’s why we have global warming. We have global warming because too many people are using too much stuff. If there were less people, they’d be using less stuff.

1.  Too many people – Children Laura Lee, Robert Edward IV, Rhett, Beauregard, Jennie  That’s a lot more children than the average 2 American families have.  Aren’t you morally obligated to kill them all or something like that Ted?

2.  Why the change from 10 to 30 or 40 years?  Because you will be dead and we will still be laughing at your gas-bag predictions – only you won’t be alive to hear them?

There’s tons of other silliness in this interview, which like all Turner interviews is conducted mostly so that the interviewee can listen to himself expel noise.  The link above has lots of good information, but just a reminder of what the Mouth of the South said in 2005:

 Ted Turner: “I am absolutely convinced that the North Koreans are absolutely sincere. There’s really no reason for them to cheat [on nukes]….I looked them right in the eyes. And they looked like they meant the truth. I mean, you know, just because somebody’s done something wrong in the past doesn’t mean they can’t do right in the future or the present. That happens all the, all the time.”

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