Easy Way to End the Democrat Primary Contest

I sure wish I could think of good things like these from Frank J:

Now, the most obvious solution is putting them in some sort of cage with weaponry where only one leaves. I don’t think this will work for the Democrats, though, because they won’t think Obama with his saccharine message of hopey change can stand up to the vicious Hillary who has long thirsted for his blood. Instead, they need to compete on a plane Democrats are more familiar with.

How about they are each given a billion dollars in tax money, and whoever spends it all the first wins. They can’t just spend it on military weaponry (and, being Democrats, they wouldn’t want to), and instead have to spend it all on wasteful, counterproductive social programs. That would prove which one of them is the most hardcore Democrat.

Also, they could get a group of foreigners and Obama and Hillary could compete on who could befriend the most. Having foreigners like us is of the utmost concern to Democrats.

2 thoughts on “Easy Way to End the Democrat Primary Contest

  1. I’m sorry but you seem to be forgetting that some of our biggest deficits have been run up by conservatives gone wild like Ronald Reagan (may he rest in peace) and George W. Bush.

    It’s ironic that the president who most seems to get conservatives goat is Bill Clinton, a man who left office with surpluses…

    Also, while I think we absolutely need to finish the job in Iraq, you have to agree that it was a stratling move from a conservative president who disavowed “nation building” in the strongest possible terms when running for the presidency.

    What’s I’m saying is the world isn’t black and white, conservative or liberal. You seem like a smart person. When do you think we’ll get beyond the labels and stereotypes and get down to the tough business of bringing America back together again with a mostly common purpose?


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