Slapping Women for Peace

Over the weekend, Melanie Morgan broke the story in West Chester, Pa. about a young female blogger who was assaulted while doing her job documenting both the pro-troop and anti-war dueling rallies.

‘Skye’ at was slapped twice by a member of the anti-war movement, a peace terrorist, while video-taping an exchange between both sides.

She was terribly traumatized by the incident, and did not release the video right away.

It’s out there now.

And it’s shocking.

A grown man slapping a woman.

Is this how they want to bring ‘peace’ to the world, by hitting females until they agree with them?

2 thoughts on “Slapping Women for Peace

  1. Wow, that traitor comment really must have hit a nerve with this guy! But he really is a coward, he didn’t even have the guts to go after the woman who was verbally beating him up, probably intimidated by the man next to her, easier to attack someone smaller without an obvious protector.

  2. The more I see these videos, the more I think he was frustrated by the repeated disrespectful taunts of “traitor” (no war vet deserves to have his/her service denigrated, no matter his politics), but slapped/brushed away the camera of the videographer because she invaded his personal space. No excuse, but not really all that surprising, either…

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