Obama Strangling a Puppy

It has long been known that the one personality trait that has been covered up by the Obama team is his anger.  He has been known to fly off the handle at the least provocation.  We here at ColoradoRight have been given photographic proof of his inability to contain his rage. Here’s the reaction of Barak Obama at a recent rally upon being told that the puppy he was given belonged to a Clinton supporter:


Of course, it is well-known that the media is in the tank for Democrats in general and Barak specifically.  Here’s the photoshopped version that was distributed to the wire services:


8 thoughts on “Obama Strangling a Puppy

  1. I poked around on this site because I thought, based on this post, that it was a hoax site that may have some laughs.

    It doesn’t seem that way thou. This is a real right nut blog run by a real nut, and not a little nut like a peanut but a big one like a coconut.

    Anyone with two brain cells to rub together should be able to tell the puppy pic is a shop job, while the baby pic is real.

    I really hope that this one post is a hoax on a otherwise real site.

  2. wow sriously…are u for real?! you haf to be a complete dumbass to not see that the dog picture is photoshopped. trust me im a photoshop expert…u cant fool me on that one. and even if it was real y would obama strangle a dog in public when hes trynna become president? use ur brain and get a life. likke it or not, obama is the president now so either get over it and support him or…..move to canada =] i hope this is a sick joke cuz if not…you need help.

  3. coloradoright, if it wasn’t for democrats like Barack Obama, your ass wouldn’t be allowed in this country to be the “happy conservative living in Monument, Colorado. Living an extremely good life through the wonderful influence of my wife, my family, and a country that has continued to provide me with opportunities to excel.” If this is how you show your appreciation, pack up your s*** and take yourself and your progeny back the hell wherever you came from, because we don’t need you here. In this war-torn world, even many republicans are managing to scrape together at least a couple of brain cells to figure out that they should back President Obama in efforts to make peace and revive the economy. I ask you, what in the world have you done to help this country lately?

  4. Oh, and one more thing. I can only assume by your screen name and your bio that you are a McCain supporter. Why don’t you use all this free time you have to PhotoShop pics and create your hate blog and spend a little time READING about your candidate. And if you can’t read it, I’m sure you can find a nice, liberal, tolerant democrat to read it to you.

  5. u r dumb!
    Obama isn’s strangling a puppy!! his face ISN’T even angry or evil!!!

    GET A LIFE and Leave OBAMA alone, what r u raciest?? get a life u hate full person!

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