Name That Party

Example 1:

There is no need to play the parlor game, “What party is this person a member of?” with this Associated Press story by Lara Jakes Jordan:

Congressman Charged in Land Deal

Republican Rep. Rick Renzi was indicted Friday on charges of extortion, wire fraud, money laundering

Example 2:

Jordan’s story on the indictment of Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA) made no direct reference to his party affiliation (the standalone undated print version is here with Lara Jakes’s byline; the indicated authors of the same story dated June 4, 2007 are Lara Jakes Jordan and Matthew Barakat).

Jordan instead required curious readers to make it to the ninth paragraph, and then to infer that Jefferson must be a member of the same party as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Example 3:

A former congressional candidate convicted of faking his disappearance after a car crash two years ago said Thursday the verdict was devastating, but said the case isn’t over.

Look for Paragraph 4 to note that he was a Democrat Candidate for Congress

One thought on “Name That Party

  1. Your comparison is apparently correct. Does this mean you will now comment on similar presentations by conservative media and commentators? It would be refreshing if all you partisan hacks (you are one–until you prove differently by fairly applying your criticisms to both sides) would give the news straight. Example: Fox News frequent placement of (D) with name of criminally exposed (R) politicians. You accuse a journalist of wrongful actions which you tolerate without comment from your favored side. Shame on you. Did you find the reported facts to be in error, or were you just trying to deflect attention from the facts by complaining about less relevant details?

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