The Polar Caps are Not Melting

Does scientific consensus know about this?

Satellite data shows that concerns over the levels of sea ice may have been premature.

It was feared that the polar caps were vanishing because of the effects of global warming.

But figures from the respected US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show that almost all the “lost” ice has come back.

Ice levels which had shrunk from 13million sq km in January 2007 to just four million in October, are almost back to their original levels.

Will the sainted Algore have anything to do if the ice comes back?  And what about the polar bears?

Figures show that there is nearly a third more ice in Antarctica than is usual for the time of year.

The data flies in the face of many current thinkers and will be seized on by climate change sceptics who deny that the world is undergoing global warming.

A photograph of polar bears clinging on to a melting iceberg has become one of the most enduring images in the campaign against climate change.

It was used by former US Vice President Al Gore during his Inconvenient Truth lectures about mankind’s impact on the world. But scientists say the northern hemisphere has endured its coldest winter in decades.

They add that snow cover across the area is at its greatest since 1966.

Dear Al in Tennessee – what can be done to bring back manmade global warming?

6 thoughts on “The Polar Caps are Not Melting

  1. Let me know when you guys are down to a 10-day forecast to disprove global warming. Maybe then you will be citing stories published on bar napkins. As for the cheesy British tabloid you cited today…well – I wouldn’t bet the future of the world on it.

  2. People, use your brian, man didn’t make the world! The maker of the world is more powerful than any human or group of humans. Don’t read what you want to read and not read what you might not agree with, live and learn. ( Al Gore didn’t invent the internet, in case anyone wanted to know.)
    What makes you think he knows all that he speaks? Talk is after all, cheap. Remember you get what you pay for! Enough said!

  3. I agree with David Bryan, the poster above me. Insert Cliche quote here! Insert additional cliche here! Insert religious propaganda meant to dissuade any form of scientific thought here!

  4. Read Gaia by James Lovelock. This book was written in 1979 way before Gore or even before any of the current popular beliefs of carbon foot prints or global warming.
    It really is not a book for people that are not well read or have a limited understanding of science, but in 1979 it convinced me to re-think how I lived and how I impacted the environment.
    The problem is that there are so very many factors that effect how this world works and looking at one Satellite picture and making any over all assessment, well rather short sighted. It’s rather like taking a picture of the Grand Canyon and declaring that that is what the Grand Canyon looks like or taking a picture of a black ghetto and declaring that is the way that all black people in America live.
    Al Gore is wrong when he believes humans are the sole source of global warming…Yes we are causing the effect to happen a bit faster, but an Ice age is part of the natural cycle of the planet. It happens with or without our permission.
    I understand that people don’t do bad news well, and will discount it out of shear fear, but it is what it is

  5. I’ll make you a bet that 5 years from now the arctic ice will still be there. The warming trend has slowed along with the disappearance of sun spots. The hysteria is rising to a fever pitch because you are just about ready to get America to self-destruct by implementing carbon cap-and-trade.

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