Most Annoying Things in America

Some of the most annoying things I find in America and why:

1. Mail subscription cards inside Magazines

I already subscribe to your publication. Why in the world do you want to stuff your publication with little pieces of cardboard that fall out as soon as I open the thing to read it? Or they are attached at weird points in the magazine and force it to fall open so I can’t read what I want without fighting the magazine. Honestly – how many subscriptions have you actually gotten from these little cards? Get rid of them.

2. Handicapped Parking Spaces

So the Lifetime Employment for Lawyers Act (Americans with Disabilities Act) mandates handicapped parking spaces at every building and lot in America. Hundreds of thousands of disabled parking spaces exist today. And in 30 years of looking at these parking spaces sit there empty, when was the last time you actually saw someone with an actual disability use one? Sometimes you see cars parked there with temporary disability tags for people who don’t have a handicap that you can even see. Apparently doctors can prescribe these things for people recovering from surgery or who compalin about back trouble or whatever. But just how much acreage is wasted day after day after week after month after year on parking spots that are never really needed?

3. Extended warranties

Have you ever tried to actualy file a claim against an extended warranty. Most people forget that they have the things in the first place. But assuming you actually do remember that whatever product is covered, you then have to dig out the information, find out how to file a claim, and meet the warranty requirements (which invariably exclude whatever problem you are actually experiencing). Now lots of people who SELL the stupid things like them, but I would like to see them banished. They are a big rip-off.

4 . DMV Offices

It doesn’t matter what state, the DMV offices are setup to remind you that your government masters have absolute and utter control of your life. They are purposefully irritating: from the industrial beige paint on the walls, to the hard plastic chairs in which you MUST sit for hours, to the nitpicking pinheads who sit behind the counters pecking one finger at a time at their keyboards. They reek of government arrogance and control, and as such I degree they all be abolished. Their replacement? DMV employees must make appointments with you and personally come to your house to handle your licensing requirements individually and directly.

5 thoughts on “Most Annoying Things in America

  1. I have an interview about the abuse of handicapped parking on this week’s episode of my tv series. Here’s the info:

    Tuesday, February 19, The Universityhouse Channel will show Episode 12 of “Perils For Pedestrians”.

    Contents of Episode 12 (1997):
    –A neighborhood in Raleigh, North Carolina, is concerned about speeding traffic.
    –The Institute for Highway Research and Education looks at pedestrian needs in North Carolina.
    –Many drivers ignore a busy mid-block crosswalk in Silver Spring, Maryland.
    –A driver with a disability is concerned about widespread abuse of handicapped parking permits.
    –Little things, like the location of a stop line, can make a big difference.
    –The mayor of Mount Rainier, Maryland, discusses improvements for pedestrians in his downtown.

    DISH Network Channel 9411 — The Universityhouse Channel
    Tuesday — 9:30 PM Eastern, 6:30 Pacific

    Episode 12 is also available on Google Video:

    Note: Public access cable channels are showing different episodes than DISH Network.

    Thank you.

  2. The most annoying thing to me?
    Whiny healthy people bitching about handicap spaces in America.

    Get it? Get a Life? Peter Boyle wannabe.

  3. I have a disability that is not apparent when you watch me get out of my car and walk. It is insensitive people like you that give me the “evil eye” when I use my parking placard and a handicapped space.

    While it may seem like there are too many spaces, on many occasions I have not been able to dine at a restaruant because I could not find any open parking spaces (handicapped or otherwise) near enough to the door to allow me to get into the restaurant and back to my car.

    Lighten up!

  4. I can’t stand people who have small disabilities taking advantage of handicapped parking spaces. My child, wheelchair bound and SEVERELY disabled happens to need a handicapped parking space so we can have extra room to unload/load his wheelchair and him inside the van. When we go places, there sometimes is NO handicapped parking and we do not have enoug room using the regular spaces to unload him. My mother-in-law even has a placard for her shoulder surgery! OMG when was the purpose ever for lazy people not to have to walk a large distance for parking? Perfectly capable people that can and should be walking for health! If you can’t walk that far, then really should you be walking around a store shopping? They need to be more stricter on giving these placards out.

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