Just how much will YOU give Hillary?

Staffers going without pay, Obama projecting 30 million coming in for February. My prediction? Chinese money comes to her rescue.
clipped from politicalmavens.com
Hillary? Broke?
Not exactly. But she’s strapped.
She was forced to admit today that she loaned her campaign $5 million last month.
What is the Clinton personal net worth? Nobody seems to know. Estimates are between $41 and $80 million. Bill is getting multi-million dollar payouts from companies like Yucaipa and InfoUSA. For doing what? Nobody knows. And the Clintons aren’t forced to disclose what he’s doing for all that dough.
The left-wing press has been all over Mitt Romney over how much of his own money he’s put into his campaign. I don’t see similar bellyaching over the Clinton contribution. Maybe the media thinks $5 mil is small potatoes. Or maybe it’s OK for the liberal Democrat to contribute from her fortune but not OK for the conservative Republican to contribute from his.
She is up against the wall: cash-poor, dead-even in delegates, and facing new contests in Maryland, DC, and Virginia that favor Obama. The hereditary monarch has been forced to wash the floors.
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Of course, its the Clintons so the whole thing is a hoax.  She has money!  Bill has more money than God and he will give it all to her to be President.

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