Colorado Car Taxes – Up Up Up

The whole article is slanted in a very interesting way. Our Democrat governor isn’t proposing tax increases – merely fee modifications which can be done without asking any of those stupid voters about whether they want to be told it will cost them $100 bucks more to get their license plates renewed every single year from now on till the end of time. (and that $100 comes from more honest reporting about what is being proposed).And its not even the governor’s idea – its just the least costly option of some blue-ribbon transportation panel. No, no, no – he’s not proposing any tax increase. Just that the wise men’s recommendations be implemented.
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Gov. Bill Ritter today called on the legislature to consider raising auto registration fees to fund a catch-up “fix it now” effort to clear a maintenance backlog on Colorado’s highways.
But he said now isn’t the time to consider the big tax increase package for expanding roads, transit and highway safety that his blue-ribbon transportation panel has recommended.
The panel packaged its recommendation with a group of four annual funding thresholds – $500 million for the basic “fix it now” package, and increments of $1 billion, $1.5 billion and $2 billion to provide for different levels of maintenance and expansion.
Ritter chose to break out the basic package and ask lawmakers to consider it because it can be done without going to the public for a vote. Fees tied to specific services can be increased by the legislature, while tax increases must be approved by voters.
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