Final John Edwards Fabulous Facts

From Frank J and IMAO:

John Edwards’s abrupt decision to abandon his quest for the Democrat Presidential nomination was prompted by his sudden realization that he wouldn’t be able to have either Judy Garland or Ethel Merman perform at the inaugural ball.

John Edwards looks forward to Super Bowl Sunday every year, because all those folks at home watching the game means they’re not at the mall getting in the way of his shoe shopping.

* The truth in John Edwards’s secret heart is that he would gladly see EVERYONE in America living in poverty if it could somehow cause the development of a painless leg hair removal process.

* John Edwards doesn’t understand how people could accidentally grab two coffee filters. How could they lift them both?

* John Edwards Pet Peeve #53 – “waterproof” mascara that runs all over the pillow he’s biting.

* In John Edwards’s experience, ALL caps are childproof.

* John Edwards Pet Peeve #61 – getting poked by his underwire.

* John Edwards always takes it personally and starts crying when he sees a “no fat chicks” bumper sticker.

* John Edwards wonders – how DO people manage to wrap things in aluminum foil?

* Does anyone else think it odd that if you ask John Edwards for advice about jock itch, he’ll nod & say “Vagisil”?

* John Edwards is physically incapable of passing a women’s magazine rack without jealously hissing “siliconed hussy!”.

* Although usually a model of self-control, John Edwards will still occasionally slip and wink at a hot guy cruising by in a convertible.

* John Edwards’s saddest day wasn’t November 2, 2004, it was the day he realized that he would never be the guest of honor at a baby shower.

* John Edwards Pet Peeve #75 – returning his airplane seat to the upright & locked position and getting flung over the seat in front of him in the process.

* John Edwards puts the “man” in “manicure”.

* Although not famous for his pugilistic skills, John Edwards did once manage to bruise a banana while bloodying only two knuckles.

* John Edwards hates the look of his 5 o’clock shadow, but some days your hectic campaign schedule only gives you the chance to shave your legs first thing in the morning.

* At parties, John Edwards always whips out his wallet and starts showing off pictures of his hair dryers.

* America’s Funniest Home Video – John Edwards trying to pick anchovies off his pizza and being soundly defeated by the superior might of the cheese.

Oh John.  We hardly knew ye.

4 thoughts on “Final John Edwards Fabulous Facts

  1. You sound like a jealous adolescent girl…are you jealous of him?

    He might be a lot of things but your attack is childish, uncalled-for, and crude.

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