School trains suicide bombers

I’m sure that we will soon have multiple reports about Christian schools that are training “New Crusaders” to destroy themselves and any infidels they encounter.We wait with quiet anxiety the documentation of these evil Christians – while the Religion of Peace (TM) continues to train their children to blow themselves up.

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School trains suicide bombers

Mohammed draws himself as a suicide bomber

A boy draws himself with explosives tied to his body
The Islamic Jihad is running a summer school – to teach boys the benefits of becoming suicide bombers.
A new generation of children, Palestinian boys aged between 12 and 15 years old, is growing up amid conflict and violence.

Islamic Jihad member Mohammed el Hattab

Teacher Mohammed el Hattab: Suicide bombers go to the highest state in paradise

The militant group has a sworn mission to wage a holy war against Israel.

The boys are told not only that it is good to kill, but also that it is good to die.
They learn that suicide bomb attacks have proved the most deadly way to hit the Israelis.

Boys train at the Islamic Jihad summer camp

The boys are told that it is good to kill and good to die

The boys are shown pictures of those who have already died in the conflict with Israel.

They are taught that to give their lives is to be guaranteed a place in heaven.
And to be a suicide bomber is one of the highest forms of martyrdom.
The boys are told that it is good to kill and good to die

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