Manmade Global Warming Recap

If you believe the recent track record (seeding the ocean with algae,for example), the odds that we would really screw terraforming up are almost 100%. Toss in the UN and that goes to 150%. Indeed, given the fact that all the proposed programs — Kyoto, etc. — have zero chance of any meaningful effect other than shifting the wealth of the first world to the soon to be first world, let’s go the full 200%.

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Let’s review:

  • We’ve allegedly “warmed” the planet (all by our lonesomes, no help from the sun, that only happens on Mars.)….
  • Warmed…. the entire planet ( a little, a middling, a lot: take your pick)
  • Warmed…. by “not realizing what we were doing.” (I pass over the fact that, in general, it is better for humans and all life to have a warmer Earth — see: “Ages, Ice.” )
  • The solution is to, well, “cool the planet.”
The word for this is “Terraforming” meaning working on and reshaping an entire world. And we’re going to do this, I understand, on a crash program to go on for a century with no limit as to budget.
A race of semi-smart monkeys that can bottle water in Fiji, get it to a corner store in Seattle, but that can’t even — as yet — figure out how to get clean water to most of the living people across the planet. You’ll have to excuse me if I observe we don’t even begin to have the knowledge and power to terraform the Earth. It simply isn’t in the cards.

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