This Star Trek Home Theater

Trekkie Heaven

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StarTrek_Bridge_Rear.jpgThis Star Trek TNG home theater is ubergeek in the absolute best way, which is probably why at CEDIA 2007 it was named the best theme theater installation. Featuring a quasi-faithful re-creation of the Enterprise NCC-1701D, motion activated “air-lock” doors and an alert button producing an alarm and flurry of red LED lighting are enough to keep us entertained even if, say, the theater were only 720p.

While the owner wishes to remain anonymous and we lack specs on the complete setup, the piece de resistance has to be one of the largest Kaleidescape hard drive storage systems in the world, with eight servers holding 3,816 DVDs. We’d probably be too busy drinking at the bar full of scifi memorabilia to watch our choice of Hilary Duff films, our minds blown at Robby the Robot hanging out with members of the Federation. [electronichouse]

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