Pigeon Birth Control

From the big cat:

First they came for the PIGEONS.

THEY could just try SHOOTING the damn things- I never was found of SKY RATS.  Actually, it doesn’t really surprise me any that some NYC clown wants to give pigeons BIRTH CONTROL pills.

What shocks me is that nobody’s pushing SEX ED or suggesting passing out little CONDOMS to passing birds.

NYC Taxpayers May Soon Be Funding ‘Pigeon Czar’.

Pigeon enthusiast Albert Sima says the city should forget about plans to bring hawks and falcons to scare pigeons away. He says the city tried that before and it didn’t work. What he likes is the councilman’s proposal to put out pigeon feed that is packed with birth control.

Anyone who believes that New York City has money to waste can certainly point to their pigeon czar as government idiocy personified.

1 thought on “Pigeon Birth Control

  1. I won’t argue that pigeons aren’t a problem, and I don’t condone culling them, so really, the option of birth control seems like it would work, in a few years.

    For a more immediate solution they just need to make the areas most affected unwanted for the pigeons with visual scare devices and roost inhibitors like spikes.

    Thanks for a lighthearted response to all the hoopla,

    Jess D’Amico
    Media Correspondent

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