108 thoughts on “Ugly Baby Pics

  1. omg that baby with the red hair is definitly the ugliest baby ever!!! you know that saying “all babies are adorable” well this baby definity doesn’t belong in this category!!! ewwww! wow i can’t even imagine what the baby will look like when it gets older if this is how it looks now!!! wowzas!

    • What is wrong with you. In ur free time u like to make fun of a baby. I think that baby is pretty dang cute, and is much better looking then you!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. it would suck to have red hair!! holy fuuckk!! shes never going to get married and have kids hahahaha FIRE CROTTCCHHHHH!!!!!

  3. Eeeh! Red hair! I love red hair. She’s lucky to have such an intense shade. Dark eyes are also very rare on redheads, so she’s alreadt a stunny. Besides… thick hair on a baby means strong hair as a young lady! Or possibly, beautiful curls. That’s one lucky little girl!
    What I wouldn’t give for hair that red…

      • that is a huge lie…i dont have red hair but i have a lot of read headed friends they do NOT look greasy. and quit crapping on a perfectly cute baby.

  4. I think the red haired baby is absolutley adorable!!! I would be proud to have a baby that cute!!! πŸ™‚ Bless that little one!

  5. Some children are not cute. The polite thing to do is say all babies are beautiful, but that’s not true! There are ugly babies, just like there are ugly adults, but I don’t base a persons value on their looks. Recently a friend showed me pics of his step children, I lied and said they were adorable, but the truth is they were ugly kids. It’s unfortunate for a children to be so ugly looking…poor little things. Hopefully ugly babies, like the redhead, will grow out of their ugly phase.

  6. OMG she is adorable! Ok so her hair is a little crazy right now but that will calm down soon enough. And whoever said she would never get married is an idiot, lots of guys like red hair.

  7. Alright, first of all, that baby is ADORABLE!!! That little face is too cute!! The hair, I LOVE!!! I think anyone who can look at that precious little thing, and think it’s ugly has some issues they need to work through.

    Adorable child. Congrats to the Mommy and Dad!!!!
    She is too adorable, and her hair rocks!!
    She will find an awesome man πŸ™‚

  8. i have a 8 month old baby and as a mother that makes me very that some one would do somethin like this as to talk bad about a sweet little baby that hasent doen n/e thing to you! thats just mean! and the people that agree with u r losers!

    • AGREED. I can BLOCK or get the cyber police because this is CYBER BULLYING. Who’d make fun of a VERY CUTE, innocent baby? I’d like to see a pic of THAT loser. I mean you dont own that baby, and you know that the baby will get further in life than you if you keep doing that. (And for the record I am not talking bout u I am talking about the one that posted this cute innocent baby. HOw dare they?)

  9. This is directed to the owner of this blog. I think it is sad and irresponsible for you to put a picture of someone else’s innocent child on your site labeled “Ugly Baby” and allow people to make distasteful rude comments. If you had any morals or conscience at all you would remove this blog post and all comments with it. Why don’t you just go ahead and post your OWN baby pic and let people comment.

    • I totally agree with Elizabeth that sent a message on July 2 2009. It’s true, it’s not very respectful putting up a baby’s photo on a blog and have a title saying “Ugly Baby” and letting people make fun of this innocent child. I hope people who are being mean to this baby realise how cruel they are being.

  10. im sorry, what part of this baby is ugly? The people that say so are probubly bucktoothed, sallow faced, streight damn ugly, and them saying that this baby is ugly is probubly making them feel good about their po-thet-ic lives. So knock it off u assholes.

    Mom and dad of the baby: your baby is adorable, i love the hair.

    this is baby is sooo cyyuuuttee<3
    my bf thinks so too, i'm james and evan is like in love her.
    forever the cuuutest bby :]
    ima' have a kiid like her 1 day!
    me and my hubby.

  12. Come on guys babys arnt ugly and thoes dogs that have their tounge sticking out every one makes fun of them but i just say their just like any other dogs its not wats in the outside its wats in the inside so people stop being rude and what if u were ugly and people made fun of u so ther. and i think that baby is adorable

  13. 1st of all well start on the hair if you no ure baby is gonna be on google Y spike it up ! she looks like chuccky her eyes are black and ugly .. if i was the mom i wud straight jump of a cliff and tek the baby wiv me :)TO THE MOM LEAVE THE DAD AND THE BABY FIND SUM1 ELSE U ENT UGLY OR GINGERR ! … you need counselling and thereapy coz i no ure hurtin inside .. give her up for adoption she makes my stomach turn SHEESSS VILLEEE YAKKKKKK

  14. 1st of all well start on the hair if you no ure baby is gonna be on google Y spike it up ! she looks like chuccky her eyes are black and ugly .. if i was the mom i wud straight jump of a cliff and tek the baby wiv me :)TO THE MOM LEAVE THE DAD AND THE BABY FIND SUM1 ELSE U ENT UGLY OR GINGERR ! … you need counselling and thereapy coz i no ure hurtin inside .. give her up for adoption she makes my stomach turn SHEESSS VILLEEE YAKKKKKK ok thnx

  15. Aww poor little girl. She is ugly…I hope for her sake it’s just a phase. But if she stays ugly looking all her life, I hope she doesn’t let it get her down- what’s on the inside counts way more than external appearance.

  16. The hair is pretty rad πŸ™‚ the baby is cute too. you should feel special about your child cause most babys look the same…

    God bless


  17. I happen to think that this is the most beautiful baby, in THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! i was looking up on google, funny looking babies. i stumbled across this pic, and i was like, NO WAY!!! this baby, should NOT be considered a funny looking baby. i mean really!! i absolutely love this baby… if her parents think she is ugly, give her to me!! i would gladly take her ❀

  18. the baby with the red hair is adorable, and unique you guys are jerks! i would love to see your babies pictures…..wow, that will be interesting!!! paybacks a b****

  19. Poor kid, cursed with her fathers bulbous nose, spikey ginger hair, and sunken eyes The baby looks like one of those troll dolls from the 90’s

  20. that babe is so freak cute i love her, i wish she can be my wife when ever she turn’s 18 i love her hair she is such a beauiful babe thanks god to let this babe in to this world, yall guys are so mean who ever said that god make all of ours and yall sure not said gods creation is ugly yall sure be a shame of youself.

  21. she totally has the unique look to her but she isn’t ugly.

    she looks so happy <333

    her hair is hilarious though.
    but the texture looks thick and smooth.

    there are sooo many people who dye their hair to get that color.

  22. Omg how can some of you say this babies ugly ide like to see what u was like wen u was a baby this baby is the most cutest baby ive ever seen its so adorable!!

  23. I think this baby is ADORABLE! I keep showing people the picture in hopes that mine will look exactly the same! Come on, recessive genes!

  24. that baby has to be the cutest baby i have ever seen. her parents probably did something to her hair to make it that
    way. and who makes a site about ugly babies? you obviously have a problem, why don’t you put your baby picture up here and we can all decide if you were an ugly baby.

  25. Come on guys….
    Give her a break!
    Gengas are awesome like myself!
    We even have a national “Hug a Genga Day” in New Zealand.
    Is there a hug the brunette day or hug the blonde day?
    No thats right.
    GO THE GENGAS!!!!!

  26. She’s so beautiful! I can’t believe how cruel people can be. Babies are so precious.. And incase you weren’t aware, we’ve ALL been one. I’m sure many of you looked much less beautiful than this little angel. She’ll grow into her forehead. Large foreheads are quite common in infants.

  27. she may not be a “gerber” baby, but she might just be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!!! and i bet she’s stunning when she grows up.

  28. OMFG I don’t see how people can say this is an ugly baby, she is really really cute!!
    I bet shes going to grow up to be a really beautiful woman!!

  29. Omg that is a right ugly rat does she smell of fox piss and twigglets? how you lot can say she is cute is beyond me this baby is a right minger and poor devil child is gonna be bullied all her life do her a favour and buy her some hair dye!

  30. yeah that baby by far is not cute what so ever…are down syndrom kids cute? no, you just SAY they are because its the moral thing to do. and this thing is a baby, so of course its mean to say its ugly. but ITS UGLY truth hurts. oh well

  31. What a beautiful baby! I love her hair! She is such a beautiful little angel!

    Hopefully she will grow up to be a better person than the ugly adults who hide behind computers and poke fun at innocent kids.

    I personally think she is adorable!

  32. WHAT A CUTIE PIE!! OMG I would LOVE to have a kid that cute! That hair is AMAZING for it to be THAT red when she’s so young! Lol I love the first picture you can totally see her redhead attitude come out! TOO CUTE!!

  33. That deformed, dimwitted “thing” looks like it came out of a platypus’s A hole… It should be ground up and made into dog food. At least then it will have been made useful. And those parents should be neutered with a straight razor. Scum.

  34. you guys are jerks! Saying the parents should jump off a cliff and that she is ugly?! WTF?! she is gorgeous and will get even prettier as she gets older…You guys really need to have a kid then think about it.. Just cause you think your baby is cute doesnt mean everyone else is.. She doesnt look like a troll. And her parents arent scum. But your parents should have taught you better manners.. Bad parents are the down fall to this planet.. you guys are scum bags..

  35. this is BY FAR!!! the cutest baby ever.
    look at that red hair she is sooo cute.
    she is a beautiful baby.
    dont ever think other wise.
    she is stunning.
    and to all you people calling her ugly your pathetic… she is just a lil baby.
    i bet yall are the ugly ones… you just call her ugly to make yourselfff feel better.
    and its sad cuz she is a poor lil innocent baby.



  38. That’s an ugly baby. I know for sure almost all of you who are claiming that baby is beautiful are full of crap. But hey, some people actually think a hairless sphynx is adorable so go figure.

  39. The pic is of my daughter so cheers for all the nice comments but to the complete turds who slag her off ur the saddest people I’ve ever seen n Id love to see u, we never asked for her pic to be on here for ur amusement n how it’s here I don’t know but you need to get a grip seriously ur prob a bunch of peado’s!! With a bit of luck u will one day realise how pathetic u really r, but cheers again for the nice comments…

  40. Gorgeous baby…to all those who are posting rude comments…GET A LIFE! What does it say about you that you have to take time to post offensive comments about a child! Sicko freaks…BTW Angie Everhart is a gorgeous redhead, so is Isla Fisher, and Nicole Kidman….

  41. that is freakin ugleiest baby ever very nasty bleckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk dame you must be joking jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkj that baby is so adorable oooooooooooommmmmmmmmggggggggggggg i want ittttt

  42. Omg! She’s the cutest πŸ™‚ love her sweet face and her amazing hair x love the colour, it’s amazing x and why are some people so nasty? She’s gorgeous xxx

  43. Omg i know this person in real life!! She has shown these exact photos of her to me!! I can’t believe she is all over the internet though and that people make fun of her so much…

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