Dutch Bishop Urges Faithful to Call God Allah

Well, they need to start getting used to it I guess – Dutch Catholics I mean. In 20 years their churches will be changed into mosques anyway.

clipped from www.radionetherlands.nl

Breda –
The Dutch Roman Catholic bishop Tiny Muskens is urging the faithful of all religions to call God Allah in order to foster mutual understanding. The bishop of the city of Breda says God does not mind what he is called and points out that Allah is the Arabic word for God. The bishop, who is retiring in a few weeks, added he did not anticipate his ideas would find immediate acceptance. He expects it could take 100 or 200 years. Bishop Muskens has previously defied the Vatican by calling for the acceptance of married priests and the use of condoms against aids. He has also said that those who are poor may steal bread.

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Government Makework – Increases Global Warming

Legislation that will increase the amount of trees used, the number of people working on, and the money wasted on this issue.

clipped from www.ens-newswire.com

Governor Eliot Spitzer Friday signed legislation requiring that automobile manufacturers affix “global warming index” stickers to new cars and passenger trucks beginning in the 2010 model year. The stickers will detail carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by operating the vehicle.
The index will be based on emissions of carbon dioxide, a major contributor to warming temperatures worldwide, in addition to methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride. All six gases are governed by the Kyoto Protocol.
Each sticker will include an index that compares the emissions of global warming gases from the vehicle with the average projected emissions from all vehicles of the same model year, and identifies the vehicle model within its class with the lowest emissions of that model year.

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Ruin People’s Lives for $20 A Month

Online Revenge using “novelty” documents – i.e. fakes that you can submit and destroy people’s credit ratings, job history, insurance.

clipped from www.foxnews.com

A service offering a complete “revenge package” in which people can destroy the financial status and relationships of their enemies at the click of a mouse is being offered over the Internet.
For as little as $20 a month, customers of the confidentialaccess.com Web site can make the credit ratings of people they dislike plummet, and even have them suspected of fraud.
Victims’ bank accounts can be shut down remotely and all their essential utilities cut off.
Fake e-mails and text messages which purport to come from someone else, such as the victim’s spouse, can be sent containing false accusations of affairs or sexual liaisons.
“Create some false payslips [paychecks] and send them back returned to the victim’s employer and watch them lose their job,” it advises.
“Destroy a person’s bank account using our novelty bank statements. Bank accounts are like gold dust now; return[ing] a novelty bank statement with their details back to the bank works for killing someones [sic] credit card account.

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Picture of Phaser Locked On Target

clipped from www.space.com

The night sky shines with remarkable detail above the Paranal mountain of Chile, in this image taken on July 21, 2007. The MilkyWay, our galaxy, appears as a wide band of stars and dust clouds, spanning more than 100 degrees on the sky.
At the center, two bright objects are visible, the planet Jupiter, the brightest, and the star Antares.
Three of the four 8.2-m telescopes forming ESO’s VeryLarge Telescope are seen, with a laser beaming out from Yepun, Unit Telescope number 4. The laser, pointed directly at the Galactic Center, creates an artificial star necessary to calibrate the adaptiveoptics of the instruments in the VLT.
The image is not a composite, according to astronomer Yuri Beletsky, who produced it. “The camera was being tracked on the stars, which can be easily noticed if you look at the telescope domes on the image (they look a little fuzzy)

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