Democrat To Raise Taxes – World Ends Tomorrow

Anybody shocked at the Breck Girl’s announcement here?

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards said yesterday raising taxes for higher-income families back to their levels under the Clinton administration is a floor, not a ceiling, and he would consider even higher tax increases.
“What I believe is the starting place is to go back to the Clinton levels,” Mr. Edwards told reporters after addressing the 2,000 delegates to California’s state Democratic Party convention. 

That’s a floor, not a ceiling.  It is impossible to ever give the Democrats enough money to spend.  They have absolutely no upper limit on how much of your money they want to take from you.  Because its not really your money – its just some of the government’s money that they temporarily let you keep.  They will tax anything and everything.  They will offer kind and soothing words like “public investments” and “social responsibilities”, but in the end they simply need you to cough up your lungs and thank them for the fact that they don’t require your spleen too.

2 thoughts on “Democrat To Raise Taxes – World Ends Tomorrow

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  2. Iraq will likely be the issue du’jour in the 2008 election, but I think that it should hardly be in the top 5. With candidates like Edwards, Clinton, and Obama, there is the grave potential of instituting legitimately socialist policies. Clinton and Obama have already pledged universal health care, and now Edwards is promoting a tax hike. Over the past 6 years we have seen tax breaks leading to economic growth. If a democrat wins in 2008, we can kiss that goodbye.

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