Investment Opportunity Ahead

The Bush Is Hitler site provides us with the logic:

With Progressives seizing control of power in AmeriKKKa, and the imminent surrender strategic redeployment from Iraq, followed by the news that Islamic Sharia Law is Gaining an Increasing Foothold in Britain (not to mention Phrance where Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was recently elected “Grand Poofter” by almost 70% of the popular vote), it’s only a matter of time before Sharia Law Comes to AmeriKKKa.

Folks, this is a FANTASTIC opportunity! It’s only a short matter of time before AmeriKKKan women will be LIBERATED truly at last! No more “Inequality of Beauty!” No more “Women as Sex Objects!”

Picture Angelina Jolie in a Burqa! Now picture Rosie O’Donnell in a Burqa. They both look the same! True Women’s Liberation!

But we in AmeriKKKa currently don’t have the infrastructure in place to sell Burqas to the 150 million cattle women. Someone’s got to do it, and there is BIG MONEY to be made!

I have Trade-Marked the name “Burqa-Mart™”, and am only awaiting an infusion of KKKcapital to launch a mega-chain of retail stores across AmeriKKKa, that promises to go global!

So get in on the ground floor (no RepubliKKKans, Zionists, or Capitalists need apply, this is for The People)!

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